Friday, March 27, 2009

Poems for a spring snow day

Kathy Sabine, the 9News weather broadcaster, finished both her ten o'clock and her five o'clock news broadcasts yesterday with a demure little dip to a small growing bunch of yellow daffodils in the 9News backyard -- lamenting the flowers' snowy, early demise.

Which reminded me, of course, of a poem I wrote several years ago:


If living is the goal,
daffodils that play in spring
are first to pay the highest toll,
as blossoms bend to late snow’s sting
and we grow old, and birds still sing.

That poem and these two following are available on my website for only 89 cents. Check 'em out at

Short poems

Short poems
Are best poems,
they challenge little
but cut quick.


Death claims our lovers
As a thief snatches
jewels in the night.
With soft, gloved hands,
it takes our breath away.

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