Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inaugural post

This is my first post to Schwab on Anything, a blog I want to introduce to my website,

The title is a take off on the title of my former column in The Denver Post's business section, "Schwab on Small Business." Also, it is a take off on my column for several years in ColoradoBiz magazine, called "On Colorado." You see, I like being "on" things. It seems like a safe platform.

It may take me a while to post the blog on my website, but I'm learning these things as I go along, which is the way I've lived my life in journalism and as an entrepreneur writer.

I'm making a business out of my writing ability, and the columns I use to write for publications are part of the business product I hope to make of my website.

On it, you'll find my poems available for sale through PayPal. You can copy the featured poem for free, but you'll have to buy any of the other titles, at very low cost.

If you buy, I hope you enjoy.

I also write about literature on Check out my work there as well. Naturally I welcome all comments from readers.

I hope this becomes an interesting conversation.

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