Friday, March 20, 2009

Ready to rumble

By now, many people are registering their opinions about President Barack Obama's appearance on the "Tonight Show," but the interesting moment that struck me was Obama's balling up his fists and signaling he was ready for a fight when he mentioned that Washington D.C. is filled with little Simon Cowells, the feistiest critic on "American Idol."

To me, the president's gestures indicated he was ready to rock-and-roll with his critics over the recovery plan, over health care, over transportation projects and spending as long as the spending helped stimulate the economy.

I like that.

In response to his own remark about how, like Cowell, everybody in Washington had an opinion, Obama added something to the effect of: "That's all right. That's what Washington is all about," and then he balled up and whirred his fists, indicating that like any good Chicago street-fighter, he was ready to rumble.

I like that, too.

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