Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chicago woman's slave ancestry traced

Michelle Obama's ancestral line from a six-year-old, South Carolina slave girl to the halls of a White House built by slaves is the subject of a fascinating story in the New York Times today.

It's tragic, as all slave tales are, and yet inspiring (were it not for more than 150 years between start to finish). And it shows how America's bloodlines are inevitably diverse, and today's acknowledgement and celebration of diversity has been a natural outgrowth of our immigrant roots.

It shows, too, why immigration perfects the bloodlines of America's civil rights heritage, and ought to be encouraged rather than disparaged, for the betterment of the nation as a whole.

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  1. I have yet to read the article. I will comment on immigration however. The immigration process for the US is beyond broken. We are now flooded with millions who refuse to assimilate to our culture which has placed massive costs on those who have played by the rules since Ellis Island. We permit more legal immigrants into the country than any other yet that is not good enough for the progressives who refuse to abide by any laws which control the impact of illegal aliens. If the American culture is to progress we must maintain being a nation which practices the rule of law. Now that the country is bankrupt we will all have to assimilate to a multi-cultural state. What will be next??? The America we all knew and enjoyed will no longer be and the long term result will have destroyed a culture in its embryo stage.
    We have reached the point where it is more important to be a Latino, Black, Asian, Muslim American rather than an "American" American. The racism will become multi-cultural and the country will always be divided. The common ground for being an American has diminished greatly and I see no signs of it improving under the current leadership, republican and democrat alike.