Monday, September 21, 2009

In the chemo room, Chapter II

Getting out of bed to start another day becomes one of the more difficult chores of the patient under chemotherapy.

I say that not to garner sympathy, but merely to report a fact. I’ve felt like that, in fact, at other times in my life when I have not been under the influence of chemo, and I’m sure others have, too. It's like waking up with a hangover, or just facing another day of monotony in your job or even among your family.
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So, I think I can safely say just about anybody can identify with the experience even if you don’t have cancer (and I pray you never will).

But the right thing to do -- always -- is to get up and get started. Get going. Make a move. Take a risk and make some money!

You have to think hustlers for survival have made that decision endless numbers of times on endless numbers of mornings throughout history.

It’s a life-generating decision. Just deciding to get busy again makes you part of the world you live in. The Broncos have won! The Rockies, too! The heat’s coming on in the house even on the last day of summer. It’s Monday. Another miserable Monday, and yet you are glad to face it, glad to be alive another day.

Actually glad to have bills to pay, and a dog to feed. A lawn to cut, and a book to finish. A batch of pals to play poker with, or croquet!

Glad for the challenge to figure out your finances for the next two years, and yes, even glad to still be facing your taxes! Life isn’t always filled with beautiful sunsets and close companions near at hand.

Sometimes it’s only you facing the morning and another day of work.

But that’s okay. The Broncos have won! The Rockies, too! Life is good and getting better.

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  1. 'at a boy! Seriously, da Bears have it over the Broncos. I'm just sayin. Though I would really like to go to that stadium next time I am there for football or baseball. Your spirit is amazing. I am in awe of you.