Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love Arizona or leave it; come to Colorado

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the toughest anti-immigration law in the nation on Friday, and Arizona should be allowed to suffer the consequences.

Hispanic Americans should leave the state and come to Colorado to work, to grow prosperous small businesses and to raise families where their children have a chance to go to college.

Make no mistake. The state law is anti-immigrant, not just aimed at illegal immigrants.

Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, black Americans from such countries as quake-ravaged Haiti or politically repressive Cuba are now at risk for pat-downs in Arizona. None should actually choose to live there under such conditions.

America is the land of the free, and freedom of movement in this country for more than 200 years has not required a show of papers to cross the street.

Colorado was known as the state that had passed the most restrictive anti-immigrant law in the nation just a few years ago. Tom Tancredo should move to Arizona; he'd be more comfortable there now.

Phoenix has been an admirable economic competitor to Denver over the past 20 years, but no longer. Who will make its beds? Pick its fruit and plant its roses? Build its roads and apartment buildings?

I hail Arizona's closing its doors to America. Colorado will benefit.


  1. Bob, you got it right! Can anyone believe that gal in AZ actually SIGNED the damned law? What a buffoon!

  2. Hi Bob.
    I have to say that there are many Arizonans who are disgusted by our state government. If we are to change things here, we need more progressives moving IN, not immigrants moving out.
    But I do hope this spurs the federal govt into action.
    Another political joke here, among many, is McCain, who cannot keep his talking points's pathetic.