Saturday, January 16, 2010

Post shows its colors

The Denver Post finally shows its true colors today in an editorial calling on Colorado's two senators to vote against the interests of most of their constituents by voting against, and killing, the nation's closest attempt in its history to reform health care in America.

The Post's myopic editorial suggests that the latest negotiations over items in a bill yet to emerge from a Democratic caucus - namely a compromise with unions and an already failed attempt of one senator to gain something from the bill for his state at the expense of other states - is reason enough to kill the whole historic effort only days away from its finish line.

This is exactly what the insuance industry would like to see happen, and would validate their investments in ferocious lobbying to kill the historic movement.

Legislation is the art of compromise, and to see a compromised bill get passed to further the health of an entire nation should be no surprise to anyone.

The art of lawmaking is to create a format that benefits the most people even if measures must be tweaked to get the best results some time in the future.

The Post, like a lawmaker, should consider doing the widest possible good for its readers before bowing to the ideological and business interests that it serves by calling now for a surrender of the greater good.

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